Been a while since a post. Recent running recap below.

Another bad Boston marathon dropping out after mile 20. Knew I didn't have it that day but went out at 2:40 pace and prayed. It didn't work...

Decided to take the summer and do a little 5k / 10k pretty loose and unstructured. Ended up deciding to smoke before all my runs and I thought it might be an interesting training block...

Averaged about 50 MPW for the block in what ended up being the best summer block I've done. Last minute decided to run in a hilly 10 miler. Decided to make this my first race running high (legal where I live) and ran 61 mid taking it fairly relaxed (no taper, still played basketball that week and no milage reduction). Rolled that momentum into a 10k with a really fast field (winner 29 high) and ran 33:3X in my second stoned race.

This is not some "smoking will make you a better runner blog". Just something to follow for people who enjoy smoking and running / fitness. The entire block I lifted 3 times a week also smoking before this, and basketball once a week. 


Will do weekly posts about training or races I've done. At this point I don't plan on stopping smoking before running as it hasn't been hurting. I have a local 4.6 mile race in a few weeks, a half marathon and then potentially a full after that if they both go well and I get some solid 20 milers in.