Training Week 10/11-10/17 (And Half marathon mixed in here in 1:14.29)

 Tried to build up some mileage to roll into the Philly full marathon with. Ended up in a decent spot and capped the week off with the Baystate Half marathon and added some mileage for the day to get to 20 total. First real long run since Boston really and it turned out great. I also got back to including my 3X a week Mon, Wed and Fri lifting routine since my goal race is already passed. Most of my lifting these days is just to get a nice stretch in the muscle and a little pump going to feel good.

Monday: 8.3 miles @ 7:49. Lifted prior to going out for a run 40 min of various exercise's. I also smoke before I lift.

Tuesday: Ran a 7 /3 double because my buddy likes to get a trail run in after work. 7 at lunch from the office at 7:02 pace and 3 on the trails at 10:45's.

Wednesday: 8.3 Miles with 3 by 1 mile at threshold effort. Started around 5:40 and finished around 5:30s. 2 min rest between reps. This is my go to 3-4 days out of a race workout to spin the wheels. I added some strides as well somewhere in here. Also lifted in the AM.

Thurs: 8.3 at 7:27. 

Friday: 8.3 at 7:25. Had a lift here as well and a wedding this afternoon. 

Saturday: 6 cut to 4.3. Just felt terrible after the wedding shenanigans. Wasn't really worried just was very tired. 

Sunday: 20 miles on the day with the big portion being 2 warm up + Half marathon (1:14.29) and 2 CD. I then also ran 3 with my buddy on the trails after a celebratory breakfast and beer.

Total Mileage: 67 miles

Overall the highest mileage week in a while and a great sign that I can rip off a half at that clip and tack on some extras for a 20. The half felt really good other than a nasty side stitch I got for a mile or so that added about 15 seconds to my time at around mile 11. Going to take this next week easy, pick up basketball again for a few weeks until I make a bid at the philly full for maybe a 2:45 or something to punch my ticket back to Boston.