Training Week 10/17-10/23

 General plan for this week was to get some mileage in and take it easy. Hopefully hit 65-70 miles this week with another 20 miler long run but this time in one run versus the warm up, half marathon, cool down and random trail run I did on Sunday. Was actually going really well considering I had a wedding on Friday I had to go to but ultimately fell apart on the Sunday 20 miler and turned home early for 11 miles instead. Just felt really tired and out of it so I listened to my body and went home early.

Monday: 6 at 8:15 pace. Tired after the half marathon Sunday just glad to get some miles in. Also got a lift in.

Tuesday:  7 at 7:16 pace from the office. Felt pretty good all things considered and ran 3 in the trails with my buddy when I got home.

Wednesday: 7 at 6:58 also out of the office. Had to go in Tues and Wed this week aka corporate bullshit.

Thursday: 8 at 7:46 and lifted in the AM. 

Friday: 8 at 7:16 with my dog Finn. Let him set the pace as usual. Also had a wedding this evening which I paid for Sunday.

Saturday: 10 at 7:21. Honestly thought I was in the clear here. Felt kind of crappy but figured since I made it all 10 I was okay. In hindsight probably just went to hard after a night of drinking.

Sunday: 11 at 7:47. Started off feeling fine with some big climbs here and optimistic about getting at least 16 but hoping for 20. Just sort of ran out of gas at mile 8 for some reason and was just overall really tired from the last few days. Took the shortest route home I could and that's that.

Overall 61 miles for the week with no workouts. Obviously not what I had hoped for but this is what happens when you try to wing a marathon off a 10k plan. Already booked the hotel for Philly so there's no turning back now.