Training Week 10/24-10/30

 Have had really good fall weather here lately making for a great week of running. Took a while for me to really feel like I was back to myself after that half marathon a few weeks back. The main focus was to take it easy and make sure to get a 20 miler in on Sunday. Really the only week I have left to get a long run in to take a shot at Philly in 3 weeks.

Mon: Took off since I failed Sunday's attempted long run. Still got a lift in but in hindsight I don't think I took the recovery from the half seriously enough. 

Tues: 8.3 miles 7:34. HR was pretty elevated (only using wrist heart rate so take it for what's its worth but it's felt pretty right on to the effort I am usually going for on the day).

Wed: 8.6 miles at 8:29. I ran to the trails here and met up with a buddy and did a little trail loop in the middle of this. I really enjoy the trails especially when I'm feeling a little tired.

Thurs: 8.3 at 7:29. Started to feel a little better from here on.

Friday: 8.6 at 7:07

Sat: 10.38 at 6:58. Explored a new route here and really enjoyed it. Had a pretty steady climb through some narrow roads through the woods. Felt really good here finally for the first time since the half and it also gave me hope that the 20 planned for the next day would go well.

Sun: 20 miles at 7:16 with 900 feet of elevation gain, had two big climbs in here and the rest was flat. First and only long run of this marathon training. Went pretty well all things considered but started to feel pretty tired around 18. 

Overall solid week. No workouts but it took me a while to accept the recover was going to take a while from that half. Got a solid 10 and 20 mile weekend and felt okay which was best case scenario. Unsure of what I want to try and run at Philly, probably going to send it at 2:45 pace and see what happens cause I'm dumb like that.