Training Week 10/3/22-10/10/22

 Another week in the books of this little racing season I accidentally built for myself this fall. General thoughts on the whole week are not bad considering I came down with the cold at the start of this one. Had a race on Saturday that I really had no clue how I was going to feel but ended up winning which was awesome and the congestion really didn't play a big role in the race at all. 

Monday: Took today off. This was coming off the worst of the cold Sunday and having to walk home. 

Tuesday: Was really trending in the right direction here and ran at lunch while I was in the office (obviously I don't smoke while in the office). 7 miles at 7:13 pace which in hindsight was not a smart idea.

Wednesday: 8.3 miles at 7:33. Felt significantly worse than Tuesday. I think a good portion of the problem was the cold was ruining my appetite and I couldn't eat to much. I was hoping to do 3X1 mile at 5:40 ish to spin the wheels a bit before Saturdays race. I knew from the start that was a no go based on how I felt. I really wasn't feeling good about the Saturday race at this point. If it didn't go past my neighborhood I might have just DNS.

Thursday: 6.2 at 7:43. Cutting the distance short and pace going even slower? Just what you want to see 3 days before a race. Was a little frustrated since I felt totally normal Tuesday and it seemed like the cold was getting worse (or a different cold who knows with the kids). 

Friday: 7.5 miles at 7:19s with a few strides mixed in. Felt much better today and only cut a bit of mileage due to work time constraints. I actually felt okay on the strides which gave me some hope for Saturdays race.

Sat: 2.5 mile warm up and 4.6 mile race (will have a separate post). Had a buddy come run this with me for fun who happens to smoke much more than I do. I flew a little too close to the sun here and was honestly way to high to be running a race. Luckily the second the race started my body kind of snapped back into itself and everything went off without a hitch (5:28 average pace and the W). I mean he brought over a fatty so how could I say no?

Sunday: 12 @ 8:09. also had to cut this short due to time constraints AKA I had to get a hair cut.

Total Mileage: 48

Really happy with how the race went and had a ton of fun running the local roads. I am trying to run a half marathon this coming weekend (1:15ish hopefully) and get a few long runs in for a full marathon attempt (yes, this is stupid I know). On that front really not thrilled with my weekly mileage or long run but I was sick for most of this week and I had a race so it is what it is.