Training Week 9/26-10/2

A little bit in no mands land now that my goal 10k has passed which was the culmination of my little summer speed cycle. I now turn my focus to a local 4.6 mile race that goes by my neighborhood (have to try and defend home court here) and a half marathon on 10/16. I'm mostly trying to squeeze out some fun races building off the 10k fitness while also getting some longs runs to attempt the Philly full marathon in November (11/20).

This week's plan was all easy miles to get some consistency back from the 10k and get back to lifting / basketball. This wasn't as easy as I expected since I had to do some dog sitting for my sister in law so I wouldn't have access to my home weights. No biggie though I only really lift for fun also it doesn't really help my running in any way (3X a week full body workouts). I also got a cold from the oldest of my daughters bringing it home from preschool (yay kids).

Monday:  Ran 8.2 miles at 8:12 pace. First day after my 10k so I knew this wouldn't feel great. I also got a lift in.

Tuesday: Same 8.2 mile loop at 7:45 pace. For reference all my easy days I keep at a 3-3 breathing pattern based on footsteps. Generally speaking this is around 75% max HR or less but I've been less strict about this. I also ran  the trails after work with a friend at 11:49 pace for 2.8 miles just to get outside and run with a friend.

Wednesday: First run at the house I was dog sitting at, 8.3 miles at 7:19 pace. This week's weather was perfect for running (55-65 and dry) and these new routes are flatter than my normal runs at home.

Thursday: 8.18 hillier route from the dog's house @ 7:08 pace. Was feeling better than usual thanks to the cooler weather (summer in the northeast Boston Area is hot and humid) and no lifting this week. I also played basketball for 2 hours after work. I don't do this during serious marathon training or a race week.

Friday: Went home during my lunch break and brought the dog I was dog sitting to play w/ my dogs. I also took my youngest dog on my 8 miler with me after work which ended up at 6:57 pace since he apparently wanted to bring the gas. I didn't feel great after basketball but he was having fun so who am I to stop him...

Saturday: Weed pen ran out Friday so ran this one without smoking, 8.4 miles in the rain at 7:30 pace. Last day at the dog's house I was sitting and I also kept this intentionally slower thanks to Friday's to fast "easy" run.

Sunday: First run where my cold symptoms really started coming up. Got a new weed pen but was out of it a bit from being sick and forgot before I went out. Turns out it didn't matter since the cold is worse than I expected and my 16 mile long run turned into 8 + a 1.2ish mile walk home. Just felt terrible and should have cut it way short from the beginning or taken the day off.

Doggo I had to watch this week

60 miles total for the week which I can't complain about for not actually getting a long run in. Definitely taking Monday off and will try to get back to it Tuesday if I feel better. Not feeling great about the race on Saturday but if I can shake this cold I'm still going to let it rip and see what happens.