Training Week 10/31-11/6

3 weeks out of Philly if I decide to do it. Goal for the week was recover from the 20 miler, get one big threshold workout and then an 18 miler on Sunday and cruise into a two week taper. Didn't play out exactly as I hoped but I did get the 4X2 mile workout in and play ball, just fell apart towards the end of the week (don't think I was eating enough) and missed the long run.

Monday: 7.5 @ 8:28 on the trails to recover from the 20 miler.

Tuesday: 7 @ 6:55 at lunch and 3 with a buddy after work on the trails @ 10:46. Leave's are a little sketchy this time of year on the trails.

Wednesday: 10.5 miles @ 6:13. This was the main focus, 4 by 2 miles at threshold effort. Ended up right around 5:40-5:45 which was good considering I came off my only real long run of the plan. Also played 2 hours of basketball at night and had a lift in the AM.

Thursday: 7.5 @ 8:32. Back to the trails since I knew I was going to be crippled from that workout + basketball. I was right.

Friday: 8.25 @ 7:11. Felt a bit better but probably ran a little to hard here in hindsight.

Saturday: 5.1 @ 7:48. wheels started to fall off here. Was hoping for 10 and then 18 Sunday but just didn't have any energy at all. 

Sunday: Took off, was hoping to get one more long run in but didn't want to dig a massive hole to climb out of. I'm already winging the marathon anyway so fuck it might as well try to feel better. Considered waking up at 4AM and squeezing it in on Monday but really didn't think that was the right decision being 2 weeks out.

One of the local trails

Overall 49 MPW without the long run. I went back and looked and have about 8 or so long runs, two 20 milers, a few 15/16 and some 13s. Obviously a huge lack of long runs since I was training for a 10k but I averaged 52 MPW over 22 weeks for the summer and mixed in there was a 33:35 10k and a 1:14:26 half marathon. Really hoping that pays dividends. Probably going to be stupid and go out at 2:45 pace and adjust early if I feel crappy. We'll see though, I almost cancelled my hotel I felt so shitty this weekend so you never know....