Training Week 11/7-11/13 (one week out from marathon)

 Not really much doing this week. Mostly just trying to feel good about the upcoming marathon on 11/20. Funny thing about that is I had the hotel in Philly ready to go and booked, waited to long to sign up and registration closed. Cancelled the hotel reservation and now headed to NY instead for the queens marathon which is an extremely small race. 4 loops of some flat parkway in hopes of snagging a BQ. 

Monday: Took Monday off. Was trying to get an 18 miler on the Sunday prior and felt terrible and figured I needed the rest. Really not going to gain much fitness from now until the full so it is what it is.

Tuesday: 7 miles at 7:08 at lunch from the office. Then ran 3 at 11:34 with my buddy in the trails (picture below). Interesting experience running in the dark.

Wednesday: Had a workout planned but really just haven't been feeling great. did 8 miles at 7:19 pace. My guess is the 20 miler the week before, plus last Wednesday 4 by 2 miles and basketball just put me in a big hole. Once realizing this I just kind of wrote off workouts for the time being. Sole focus is just feeling good and not tired for the race.

Thursday: 8.3 at 7:18. 

Friday: 8.3 at 9:07. Woke up early before work for this one and ran the trails to meet up with a buddy, did a little loop with him on the trails and ran back home. 

Saturday: 8.3 @ 7:06. It was literally 75 degrees in November in New England. 

Sunday: 11.3 @ 7:11. Was shooting for 90 ish minutes and came in a little under that. Felt okay. Heart rate and paces look fine for the whole week just kind of dragging a bit day to day.

Total Mileage: 54.5

Tuesday's trail run. Headlamp season

Overall the week was fine. Still lifted M / W / F also which I will stop for the next week prior to the marathon. Not really sure how I feel about this race going into it. I'll probably shoot for 6:20s for the first half and hope I can maintain that. I know I'm still in good shape and my easy days are still quicker than they have been in the past so I guess I'll find out soon enough.