Week 11/14-11/20 (Queens Marathon Attempt)

 Gut check week before I take some downtime from any structured running / workouts. Only focus was to grab a BQ off this 10K cycle and try to do it as painlessly as possible (not possible if you don't train for the distance lol). I also took this week off from lifting in hopes to help with recovery / being race ready.

Monday: Off. Attempting some sort of taper to freshen up. Was pretty tired all weekend.

Tuesday: 5.6 @ 10:54 with my buddy on the trails. Stretching out his runs to try and sneak him in some more mileage this winter.

Wednesday: Called off the workout because I felt horrible during the first rep. Ended up at 5.6 @ 7:38. Was supposed to be 3X1 mile at threshold but I think I might have been fighting off a cold or something. 

Thursday: 5 at 7:13 with my dog Finn.

Friday: 3 miles on the trails at 9:51 with Steve.

Saturday: 20 minutes on the treadmill in NY with some strides. I actually felt okay at this point and thought I might have a good day if I get lucky. 

Sunday: 26.38 @ 6:32. Lots of turns on the course so I'm sure the watch distance it wrong to some extent. 

I actually chose not to smoke before this race since I wasn't sure how taking gels in without training it stoned would be. Ended up feeling pretty bad during the whole thing anyway and the weather was 35 w/ 25 MPH wind. I just didn't have my head in this one and actually considered dropping out at mile 9. The course was 3 loops which was not enjoyable. The wind was brutal and there was also long stretch's of ice patches for the first two loops or so until it thawed out. I was just really glad I got out of there with a 2:52 which should be good for a BQ. Came in second place since it was a really small race too which was funny.