Back to Consitency

Finally planning to get back to some consistency post marathon. My plan for this winter / spring build is to continue to run 6-7 times a week (stoned for all but my runs from my office) and shoot for a sub 16 5k. Current PR is 16:26 from a few years back but I feel like this is a reasonably aggressive goal being somewhat attainable. During this 16 weekish block (probably end up being 12 weeks at actual solid volume while I reduce volume for the first 4 weeks while I build up) I also plan on not sacrificing my 3 days a week lifting. 

Last few weeks have been focused on slowly getting back to some consistency. I felt okay after the marathon but really didn't want to push my volume back to hard. I wanted a little mental break and figured I could get back to it after the holidays. Last few weeks summarized below which is going to lead into this first week back with at least one workout + basketball. Also everything up to 12/26 has been chillen totally disregarding pace.

Week of Marathon (11/20): 26.2 Miles on Sunday and then did 3 miles on the trails the following Saturday with my buddy steve.

11/27: 12 miles. Just trying to get outside before it gets to cold. 3 runs 4 miles each.

12/4: 18 miles. 3 trail runs and a 4 mile run on the road. The trail runs had company of Steve and my dad on his mountain bike.

12/11: 18 miles again. Still really felt tired and sluggish overall through this point. Mostly road miles with a trail run mixed in. Last 3 weeks were all 3-4 days running.

12/18: 35 miles. Again a mix of trail and roads but finally got up to a few 6 mile runs and up to 6 days of running this week. 

Finally feeling somewhat back to myself. Still don't really feel 100% but I think I'm good to hang around 40-50 MPW and reintroduce some workouts to get ready for this 5K. Would like to hold 60-70 if I can get there but like my last plan I'll do everything off effort and make adjustments as needed.