Training Week 1/2-1/8

 First real week of training in the books introducing the track back. Only did one workout this week since I came down with a bad cold that I'm still working through now.

Monday: 8.3 Miles @ 7:22 with my dog Finn. AM Lift.

Tuesday: 10.4 Miles total and first workout of the cycle. 2 warm up miles into 2 X 200 with equal rest, 10 by 400 with equal jog rest and 4 by 200. 200s around 36-38 and 400s around 1:16-1:20. Smoked before I left for this one and ran off feel, didn't look at my watch at all during the reps. 38 and rainy terrible conditions but met up with my two buddies who are getting into running. Good first workout back all things considered.

Wednesday: 8.3 miles with Finn @ 7:29. AM lift and Basketball after work. Pretty much crippled me but that's going to be the next two weeks or so until basketball is over.

Thursday: 4 miles @ 8:38. Very sore least favorite run of the week when I'm playing ball throughout my cycles.

Friday: 8.3 @ 7:44. Took me about 5 miles to feel somewhat okay. AM Lift. Also starting to get sick.

Saturday: Off, cold / flu whatever it is took me out. This was supposed to have a 3 mile threshold workout in here too but skipped.

Sunday: 10 miles at 9:08. Mix of roads and trails with Steve for some of it. I like the trails when your feeling crappy since pace is way slower, felt good to move but was very tired the rest of the day.

Mileage: 49 miles for the week. Was on track to hit closer to 60 until I got sick. 

Ideally once ball is over I sit 60-70 for the last 12 weeks for the 5k. Overall pretty happy with the week despite getting sick.