Training Week 11/13-11/18

Pretty slow and boring week last week for running. Tried to take a down week 2 weeks ago and accidentally ran 68 miles that week so I decided to make this week my down week. Was pretty tired from my kids getting RSV and I haven't had a down week in 7 or so weeks. Ran T-F and took the weekend off.

Monday: Off

Tuesday: 10.5. 4 miles on the treadmill at lunch (8:00) and 6.5 on the trails w/ my buddy (8:47).

Wednesday: 11.5. 8sih with the dude training to be a navy seal early at the track (5 by 1K at 3:49ish per k 3 min rest) and a trail run (3.7) with my other buddy at lunch (9:30).

Thursday: 8.27 @ 7:24

Friday: 14. 8.9 mile workout at the track with the seal again. I did my own workout though for fun instead of pacing him. 3 Mile tempo (5:39,5:33,5:19) and 4 by 200 (33ish). 5 at lunch at 7:17 

Sat: Off

Sun: Off

Total: 45

Overdue down week and I felt kind of tired. Hopefully back to 75/80 for a few weeks with a Turkey Trot coming up as well and then into real training.